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How Insurance Companies Determine Repair Cost:

Most insurance companies use Xactimate estimating software to determine repair cost. The final cost of your repair estimate will be determined based on a few factors.
R&R, Detached & Reset, or Clean. RR is when the affected materials or item is completely removed and replaced with in kind new materials or component items. Detached & Reset is when the affected component items are removed and reused. Clean is when the affected component items are simply cleaned. Job scope estimates with a lot of items that must be replaced will usually be higher than estimates with a lot of items that will be detached and reset/replaced. Always use a contractor who knows the difference between items and or materials that must be replaced and those that the insurance company will only pay to detach and reset/ replace. Using insurance approved estimating software is always a safe bet, otherwise, your estimate will more than likely be rejected by the insurance company causing delays in getting your project started and completed in a timely manner.

Example Of When Items Are Detach & Reset:

The base or bottom half of a bathroom vanity is damaged beyond repair from flood water but the sink and faucet are not damage because the water damage is at the bottom of the vanity, in this case your insurance carrier would pay to R&R, remove and replace the vanity but they would only pay to Detach & Reset the vanity top and faucet, meaning taking off and reusing the same vanity top and faucet.


Example Of When Items Are Remove And Replace:

Items are removed and replaced when it is considered damaged beyond repair or when the cost of repairing it would cost more than replacing it. In certain situation the insurance adjuster may replace materials that are not damage, ie, if half of the textured drywalls in the ceiling of the lower level of your house is damaged from a water leak that occurs on the upper level, in this case the adjuster may pay to remove, replace, and retextured the entire ceiling drywall. If only the damaged portion is replaced, the texture would not have the same uniformed look on all of the ceiling because it is unlikely that the drywall finisher would be able to replicate the same exact pattern.

Example Of When Items Are Cleaned:

If the toilet in a bathroom with tiled floor is backed up and overflowing with sewage, the insurance company would pay to remove and replace all porous materials that comes in contact with the sewage or sewage water, however, they would only pay to clean the toilet and floor tiles, unless there are visible visible broken tiles.

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How we do it!

  1. First! We do a damage assessment to determine the amount of damages and repair cost.
  2. We write an estimate using Xactimate estimating software
  3. Upon approval of our estimate by your insurance carrier our highly skilled project manager begins the process of acquiring the materials that will make your project looks better than before the pre-loss
  4. Our team begins the rebuild process

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