Sump pumps are used to extract water that has built up within water-collecting sump basins, which are usually found in the basements of homes. The main goal of a sump pump is to send water away from your home, to an area that no longer makes it an issue for homeowners, like a well or storm drain. This is such a pivotal line of defense for every homeowner that is actively working to prevent a basement flood from occurring. When sump pumps malfunction, it leaves your property susceptible to water damage. By hiring a flood cleanup company in Maryland like Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc, you can address the sump pump malfunctions before they progress. Let’s assess some of the most common issues with sump pumps, why they occur, and how they can be fixed.

Why Does Sump Pump Failure Occur?

Sump pumps are like a lot of other mechanical devices. Every now and again, they are prone to malfunction. These units need a power source to operate and when this power source isn’t operating, it will cause the system to fail. Sometimes the integrity of the unit itself can lead to failure. Improper installations can also lead to a host of issues. When working with a reputable flood cleanup company in Maryland, these kinds of issues are less likely to occur and if any come up, there is a process to address the issue and mitigate any lasting effects from taking place.

Common Reasons For Sump Pump Failure And How To Fix Them

The following are some of the most common reasons that sump pump failures occur:

  • An overwhelmed system: A single sump pump may not be sufficient for handling a flood in your basement. Single units can’t account for larger volumes of water that are seeping into your home. Sump pump quality is important and it doesn’t pay to overlook this in favor of using a cheaper unit. In order to remedy this situation, you can upgrade the unit by adding a battery backup sump pump. 
  • No water in the unit: If there is no water in the sump pump, this is a telling sign of a unit that wasn’t installed correctly or if it’s not connected to the drainage system. For these systems to function at their best, they need to be paired with a drain tile, which is installed internally within the perimeters of the basement. A functioning drainage system will collect all of the water and will channel it towards the sump pump, and funnel it into a pit. The only way to isolate and resolve the issue is to have a professional inspect the system to further diagnose the problem.
  • Clogged Pumps and Switches: For pump sumps that don’t have lids, expect the system to get clogged very easily. The clogged unit will slow down over time and can eventually stop working altogether. When having an inspection to address the issue, try getting a sealed lid that prevents the accumulation of debris. Make sure that the cover is pet and child proof, and that it won’t cause any evaporation that trickles back into the basement.
  • Clogged or Frozen Discharge Lines: Sump pumps will discharge water through the discharge lines. When these lines become frozen or clogged, the entire system will fail. These lines need to be fully operational in order to transfer water out of the basement, staying as far away from your foundation as possible. There are attachments that are available to keep water from coming out, even when the lines are frozen. 
  • The System Has Lost Power: If your home loses power, this opens up the possibility for your basement to sustain damage. Storms that cause basement floods are also capable of disrupting power lines. Damage can also take place if the circuit breaker is acting up or if the pump has been unplugged. Having a battery powered unit as a backup will do wonders for these kinds of scenarios.
  • The Sump Pump Is Constantly Running: If sump pumps are allowed to continuously operate, this can lead to a smattering of issues. Some signs of an overactive pump include switches that are stuck, big or small liners, missing or broken check valve, and constant flooding. The best thing to do is have a technician look at it before the weather augments the issues. 

Working With A Professional Flood Cleanup Company


If you’re looking to address your sump pump and sprinkler system malfunctions, then it’s in your best interest to coordinate with our team at Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering comprehensive flood cleanup solutions for your home, so that you can avoid extensive repairs from negligence or lack of proper resources. For more information on our products and services, you can contact us today at 301-579-8215 to learn more about these systems and processes.