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It is almost impossible to prevent water damage in a home or building. With numerous potential causes, including, rain, flooding, leaks, pipe bursts, overflows, sewage backups, and more, water damage is known as one of the most common disasters for building materials. Flooding in Waldorf, MD is one of the common natural disasters. Flooding can cause extensive water damage to your house or buildings.

But regardless of the cause, water damage requires immediate attention. Spreading until the source is cut off, the water can cause permanent damage without emergency treatment.

Top To Bottom Renovation is a local business that has been providing water damage restoration and repair services in Waldorf and all the surrounding areas for both commercial and residential properties since 1989. When it comes to water restoration services in Waldorf, MD, our Top To Bottom Renovation technicians have seen it all.

Our specialized water extraction and drying equipment are efficient when removing water from the affected areas, pulling it out of the structure while eliminating the excess moisture in the air. Additionally, if sewage is present in the water on your property, our water restoration team is fully equipped to perform complete sewage removal.

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Water Damage Restoration in Waldorf, MD

Any amount of water in your home or building can result in severe damage as it spreads through porous materials. As water becomes absorbed into drywall, flooring, wood, carpeting, and other materials, the result can include discoloration, warping, swelling, and permanent structural damage.

But if it is left to sit without quick flood cleanup services and treatment, the area will begin to smell musty from the combination of excess moisture, bacteria, and cellulose in porous surfaces.

Mold will then be a problem as it can develop within 48 hours of water damage, dispersing its spores into the air and affecting new surfaces. For that reason, our water damage restoration technicians are trained to perform complete mold remediation as part of any water damage project.

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Your Full-Service Restoration Experts

  • Burst pipe repair
  • Water removal
  • Flooded basement restoration
  • Sewage clean up
  • Mold remediation
  • Smoke damage clean up
  • Repair & rebuild


Depending on the severity of water damage in your home, our water restoration plans are customized for your home’s needs. If you have questions about the water damage restoration plans offered, call our emergency service number at 301-579-8215 .

Highly Trained, Licensed, Bonded & Insured Technicians

Our technicians at Top To Bottom Renovation can handle all levels of water damage, using advanced water extraction equipment and techniques.  We will effectively remove any amount of water including standing flood water and restore water-damaged furnishings and building materials.

  • Effective Water Extraction and Drying Process for Commercial and Residential Properties
  • Water extraction and drying with advanced equipment
  • Initial inspection
  • Drying and restoration of affected furnishings and building materials
  • Cleaning and restoration of wet carpeting and upholstery
  • Mold remediation if needed
  • Document restoration
  • Cleaning and restoration of personal content if needed
  • Application of anti-microbial (to prevent mold growth)
  • Working with insurance
  • Final inspection to ensure your satisfaction

What to Do:

  • Call Top To Bottom Renovation at the first sign of water damage to prevent it from spreading further.
  • Mop or blot dry to remove excess water.
  • Remove temporary flooring like rugs, but do not try to remove carpeting or other permanent flooring.
  • Keep your drapes off the floor by putting the drapery bottoms through a coat hanger and putting the hanger on the rod.
  • Wipe excess water from the furniture and put aluminum foil between the furniture legs and carpeting.
  • Store photos, important documents, and valuables in a safe, dry location.
  • Keep water-damaged books packed tightly on their shelves to prevent page warping until they can be treated with a specialized drying process.
  • Keep the doors in your home open to speed up the drying process.

What NOT to Do:

  • Do not walk into a room with standing water unless the power is turned off.
  • Do not try to remove water with a standard vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not try to remove permanent flooring, leave this to professionals.
  • Do not use appliances until the area is dry and they are deemed safe to use.
  • Do not try to clean up mold growth.

Successful water damage restoration projects in Waldorf, MD

Water Damage Restoration FAQs

After a flood in your house, it is important to document any damage for insurance purposes. Following the documentation, you should promptly reach out to professionals for assistance with the cleaning and restoration process.

While individuals may opt for a DIY approach to save time and money, reaching out to restoration professionals for damages caused by storms is favored. At Top To Bottom Renovation, we specialize in storm damage repair and water damage restoration, ensuring sufficient restoration for your home.

The first step is to assess the visible damage after a disaster. If you need to move debris and damaged items, proceed with caution to prevent accidents. It is essential to prioritize your safety during inspections. Top To Bottom Renovation offers professional assessment services to determine restoration and reconstruction requirements.


Time is of the essence when dealing with water damage because it will continue to spread until its source is removed. At Top To Bottom Renovation, we are available 24/7  and will arrive in a timely manner with all equipment needed to remove excess water and moisture while making the necessary repairs to return your property to its original condition.

For a FREE quote call us 24 hours a day at 301-579-8215 and start the recovery process as soon as today


What are the common reasons for sump pump failure and how to fix them?

  1. An overwhelmed system
    • Fix: Upgrade to a higher capacity pump or install a secondary pump.
  2. No water in the unit
    • Fix: Check the sump pit for proper installation and ensure the pump is correctly placed.
  3. Clogged pumps and switches
    • Fix: Regularly clean the pump and switch to remove debris.
  4. Clogged or frozen discharge lines
    • Fix: Clear any blockages in the discharge lines and insulate them to prevent freezing.
  5. The system has lost power
    • Fix: Install a battery backup or a generator to ensure the pump operates during power outages.
  6. The sump pump is constantly running
    • Fix: Adjust the float switch, check for any blockages, or consider upgrading to a more appropriate pump for your needs.

How to unclog a shower drain with standing water

  1. Mix baking soda and vinegar
  2. Use a plunger
  3. Use a drain snake
  4. Call a plumber

What you need to know about flash flooding

  1. Water-borne diseases
  2. Vector-borne diseases
  3. Significant property damag

Our Customers Love Us

  • “Great restoration company!!! This is an exceptionally professional, knowledgeable company. I was frantic and completely lost when my husband discovered that our basement was flooded. I called at lease six restoration companies. The average appointment was a week out or more. My insurance company told me to do everything to prevent further damage but they could not authorize a contractor payment until I was assigned an adjuster. I found this company on my insurance’s website and they were able to be at my house in a very short period of time. They came prepared and ready to work. Mr. Johnson told me exactly what to expect through the entire process from his company. I signed a contract to get the water extracted immediately. The insurance inspector came while this company was working on the first day. Mr. Johnson and the adjuster worked independently in harmony for each of their respective areas of expertise. I highly recommend this company. I can’t say enough about the high quality of service that was provided. All of the workers were professional and focused as well as easy to approach. The pink van showed intentional branding and purposeful direct advertising. All the Best. Mrs. M Upper Marlboro”

    Delcine Conway, Happy Customer

  • “I have had nothing but a great experience with Top to Bottom. Fred and his team came in on an holiday and quickly addressed my water issues. They worked with me every step of the way and were totally transparent throughout the process. Would highly recommend them to anyone needing water mitigation or renovation services.”

    Daniel Gonzales, Happy Customer

  • “Phenomenal! Top To Bottom is highly exceptional from the quality of work to professionalism. The water heater went up in my house and flooded the entire basement. I called the company, the first thing Mr. Fred did was walked me through the insurance process, as this was my first time dealing with a flood and filing an insurance claim, his assistance put me at ease. The team arrived at 1am for the water damage restoration. Mr. Fred and his son went above and beyond to make a difficult situation extremely easy. They were available and responsive with the insurance company requests and needs. The renovation for the basement took about 3 weeks as there were 4 rooms that needed to be restored. They were in consistent communication with me every step of the way either by phone or email. After every room was complete Mr. Fred’s son would come, review what the contractors completed to ensure we were satisfied with the job. You can’t ask for better quality and professionalism. The basement looks better now than it did before the water damage. Again this company and works are Phenomenal! I will definitely refer there services to family and friends. Look out for the Pink van and Pink sheets!”

    Danielle Brown, Happy Customer

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