Owning your own home is a dream that virtually everyone has at some point or another. Few people wish to rent for the rest of their life when that money could otherwise be spent on investing in a residence that’s truly yours. Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks of being a homeowner is having to deal with the large number of water damage issues that are sure to sprout up with the home.

One of the most common issues in homes that have seen a decade or two (or more) of wear is the potential for water damage in the home. We’ve helped many homeowners with water restoration. Water damage is something that can be caught early and repaired for a reasonable price, or when left unchecked, can be extremely costly to repair the damage it wreaks.

Let’s take a look at 5 signs your home has water damage.

Utility Bill is Climbing Is a Sign of Water Damage

Sometimes it’s the small signs we ignore that really tip us off that something is wrong. If your water bill has been climbing steadily irrespective of your usage habits or the rates changing, it may be a sign that there is a steady leakage somewhere contributing to your bill. A sudden spike in your bill could indicate a large leak somewhere in your home that you’re not aware of.

Warping of Floor or Cracking of Tiles

Soft, warped, or sagging spots are a dead giveaway that water is leaking into and under your floor. Depending on if its wood or tile the damage will manifest differently. Tiles can actually crack as their underlay becomes less stable due to positioning shifts.

This is usually a dead giveaway that an appliance is leaking as this type of damage tends to occur near sinks, washers, bathtubs, etc.

Musty or Mildew Smell in the Home

Trust your nose, it’s almost always right. If something smells funny, chances are something funny is going on. Water damage can leave behind a mildewy smell that precedes the growth of mold. It can smell like wet cardboard or newspaper to some. Try to pinpoint the location where the smell is coming from and call our experts to assess the damage. Being proactive can really save you money, in some cases even save your wall from taking structural damage.

mold spot on the ceiling

Spots on the Ceilings or Walls

Who said a burst pipe is to blame for all water related woes? A leaky roof can is and is often the culprit. Water can infiltrate your home through the roof and cause some of the telltale signs of damage on your ceiling—spots, rings, and other spots on the ceiling and walls that indicate water is continually trickling through whenever it rains.

Mold Growth

The last thing you want to see if mold in your home. By this point, its clear that there are some serious moisture problems in the home. Unfortunately, when certain areas such as inside drywall become mold infested, they may warrant replacement. Mold spreads everywhere and is harmful to the health of the inhabitants, flaring up allergies and reducing immune system function, it’s terrible for your health and smells awful to boot.

Sometimes mold growth isn’t simply from a leak, but another cause such as a jammed or ineffective bathroom fan/vent. Repeated humidity and moisture in the enclosed space can cause buildup. Costs for refinishing your basement or your bathroom from excess water damage can be expensive. See this home guide for the cost of refinishing your basement after a catastrophe.

Water Restoration by Top To Bottom Renovation

water damage restoration for a living room by Top To Bottom Renovation

Call our experts at Top To Bottom Renovation for water restoration. We have helped countless homeowners with repair and rebuild caused by water in their homes to things such as mold cleanup, flood restoration, storm damage repair, you name it!

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