Water is one of the most amazing elements on the planet. Without water, animals and plants wouldn’t survive. You need water in your cells every day to even function. Water allows us to transport goods all over the country and the world. However, while water is an extraordinary thing, too much of it can be damaging, especially to your home’s foundation. Here are some ways water can ruin your foundation.

What Is a Foundation?

All homes have some kind of foundation. There are foundations made from a slab of concrete and deep foundations, such as a basement. Foundations have a big responsibility. They hold and distribute the weight of your home and its contents to the ground. If a foundation is cracked or damaged, you may lose your home entirely.

How Can Foundations Be Damaged?

Foundations can be damaged in a variety of ways. Earthquakes and other natural disasters, such as tornadoes, fires, and even hurricanes, can damage your foundation. However, foundations are usually not damaged all at once; they are damaged or even ruined gradually over many years.

All foundations are made of concrete. Although concrete looks tough and rugged, it is porous and can crack or break over time.

Water can damage your foundation quickly or slowly, depending on how much water is present around your foundation. If there is a flood in your area, the sheer volume of water alone can cause a foundation to break or crack.

However, even a small amount of water caused by a leaking pipe can cause damage to a foundation. Over time, a small water leak can cause a small crack in your foundation. Every crack allows more water to get in and widen it, which allows more water to seep into the concrete. If it isn’t fixed, your foundation will crack or break.

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Water Damage

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Your home can have water damage for a variety of reasons. You may have a burst pipe or a busted water heater, washing machine, or dishwasher that causes water to gush into your home. The water will work its way into your foundation through the floors or baseboards because water is always seeking a way back into the ground. You can also have water damage due to a fire in your home. Whether the fire is large or small, firefighters use water to fight any house fire. The excess water can seep into your foundation. You can also have water damage from excessive rainfall.

What Should I Do if I Suspect Water Damage?

Water damage in your home is easy to spot, but water damage to your foundation is not so easy to see. There are some indicators you may have damage to your foundation. If you see horizontal cracks along your walls, this may indicate foundation damage. Your doors and windows might also not close properly. If you think you may have foundation damage, you will need someone to come out and conduct a foundation inspection. Give Top to Bottom Renovation a call today for water damage inspection and restoration, and let us inspect your foundation.