When seeking water and flood restoration services, it’s important to understand the distinction between water damage and flood damage, since they are not the same thing. As a homeowner, we understand that water and flood damage is extremely stressful but you can rest easy since a variety of these dilemmas are easy to troubleshoot. Generally speaking, when we hear that something is flooded, many would assume that it’s more severe in nature. This is the easiest way to look at it; Flood damage is a large amount of standing water that reaches dangerous levels in short periods of time. 

On the other hand, water damages are caused by smaller disruptions that are still urgent, but their causes are much different. If any of these issues are allowed to manifest, it could compromise certain areas of your home. Thankfully, the team at Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc can tend to water and flood-related issues in your home. Today we’re going to be discussing the differences between water and damage from a flood, the causes for both, and how homeowners can swiftly take action when they are faced with these situations.

Main Difference Between Water Damaged Home and Flood Damaged Home

A common mistake that people make when discussing water and flood damage is assuming they are interchangeable terms. Unfortunately, this has never been the case. Water and flood restoration services rely on very different approaches and protocols for resolving the damage. Water damages are usually caused by plumbing mishaps. Think of a backed-up toilet, an overflowing sink or tub, a flooded air conditioning unit, etc. Conversely, flood damage is when water buildup originates from a natural disaster; this includes hurricanes, heavy rainfall, roof leaks, or sump pump failures). So if you did not know the difference before, now you do!

Homeowner’s Insurance And Tying In Coverage For Flood & Water Damage

If you’ve done your part in addressing water and flood damage by contacting our company, then, good job! However, this is just the tip of the iceberg for tending to these issues. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to have a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy, with a specific focus on flood and water damage. Every homeowner has their own homeowner insurance policy and even though it can routinely provide coverage for disasters like water damage, it does not cover flood insurance. To be covered for floods, you will need to conduct some research on obtaining a separate policy that covers flood damage in the event of severe weather events. For residents who inhabit high-flood areas, flood insurance is a necessary add-on. For any additional questions about the intricacies of these policies, The National Flood Insurance Program is a great resource for understanding what you are entitled to under your plan.

What’s The Time Frame For Repairs?

Even if the water or flooding damage is substantial, it’s possible to get back to a place of normalcy in a short duration of time. When Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc has conducted work on your property, they will also work in tandem with your insurance company. The sooner you contact a restoration company, the better it is for preventing extensive damage. No one is comfortable with the idea of having a damaged home–but having a proactive team of professionals by your side will help remedy your sorrows.

Water and Flood Restoration Services by Top To Bottom Renovation Inc.


Water can spread rapidly, causing significant damage if left unchecked. Structural materials that absorb water may deteriorate, leading to warping, while moisture can ruin drywall, flooring, and ceilings. It’s crucial to address water damage promptly upon discovery. Top To Bottom Renovation, Inc. offers water damage restoration services. Our skilled technicians respond swiftly at 301-579-8215, extracting the water and thoroughly drying and dehumidifying the property.